About Us

Welcome to Parrésia Publishers Ltd, a publishing company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We comprise teams of diverse professionals banded together for one purpose—producing great books, your books! This synergy informs our company motto—Your words. . .in Trust!!!

Parrésia Publishers Ltd has four imprints—





Parrésia Books is a traditional publishing imprint which publishes five books each year—strictly fiction. Fiction for this publisher is defined as literary fiction, exceptional popular fiction and short story collections that demonstrate exceeding craft and innovation. The Parrésia imprint, being a traditional publisher, is very competitive and offers advances on royalties for first time authors. All responsibilities are borne by the publisher.

Origami Books is a specialised publishing imprint which publishes work in all genres. The author takes full control of the book production process. Origami has the added advantage of the Origami Marketing System under which Origami Books are distributed and marketed with our traditional Parrésia Books. 

Ọmọde Mẹta is a traditional publishing imprint which will publish Children’s books in all genres beginning in 2016.

Cordite Books is a new, traditional-style publishing company for genre fiction based in Lagos, Nigeria and is jointly owned by Parrésia Publishers Ltd and Helon Habila. The imprint will be edited by Helon Habila, a Nigerian author and professor of Creative Writing at George Mason University in the United States.



Our Publishers List includes such esteemed writers as Helon Habila [Caine Prize and Commonwealth Prize winner] and Abubakar Adam [BBC African Performance prize winner]. Chika Unigwe [winner of the 2013 NLNG Prize for Literature].



What We Do

We publish mainly fiction based on these categories