On her deathbed, Leona seeks forgiveness by confessional. Dastardly as the sin is, it is an act of love, loyalty, disobedience, and perceived fairness. How did she get here, where she, an internationally renowned model, is forced to kill her father-in-law to avenge her mother’s death?

Set against a background of real events, Colours of Hatred is a complex web of plots detailing a woman’s journey from childhood through the fire and anvil of love, loss, betrayal, lust, and duty.

Obinna Udenwe is the author of the conspiracy thriller, Satans & Shaitans and the controversial church erotica, Holy Sex.

He is the co-founder of The Village Square Journal – a magazine of contemporary literature, art and  politics.     His works have been published in journals and magazines across the globe including; Prairie Schooner, Munyori Literary Journal, The Temz Review and many more, and anthologized in Africa Roar, The Short Story is Dead, Long Live the Short Story Vol 1 &2 etc.

He is the editor of the anthology, Voices From My Clan and co-edited all three editions of Ebedi Review – an in-house magazine of the Ebedi Writers Residency. He won the ANA Prize for Prose Fiction 2015 and the Short Story is Dead Prize 2016.