Julie and Nwabulu – two women who have been abducted – decide to tell each other their stories ‘to pass the time’, while they wait to be ransomed by their loved ones.

In telling their stories, both women find that their lives cross at important junctures. Nwabulu, one-time house maid and now a successful fashion designer, finds that Julie has the answers to the one ache she has carried in her heart since her late teens. Julie, a septuagenarian who has lived a life of subterfuges – each one bigger than the last, finds that she must now confront her biggest lies.

Cheluchi Onyemelukwe-Onuobia is a lawyer, academic and writer. She works in the areas of helath, gender, violence against women and children and other social issues.

She holds a Doctorate degree in Law from Dalhousie University, Canada. She lives in Lagos.