Basirat Razaq-Shuaib is the Founder of The Winford Centre for Children and Women – a charity supporting children with autism and other developmental disabilities in Nigeria, and registered with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) as a certified autism centre. She is also the CEO of The Winford Centre International- the premier provider of developmental and learning aids for children with special needs in Nigeria.

An author, a trainer, a social entrepreneur and a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist (BCCS), Basirat holds multiple degrees and certifications including an M.Sc. in Finance and Investment from University of Exeter, United Kingdom, and a Diploma in Advanced Special Education Needs. She is the first Mansion House Scholar in Nigeria.

Basirat is also a financial strategist and has spent over 15 years working with organizations in Africa and Europe to run finance functions successfully.

Over the past 3 years, she has continued to actively promote the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities and their families in economic development, so that they have a chance to achieve positive outcomes and fulfil their life’s potential. She is the pioneer of “Inclusion starts with me children series” as well as the author of “I am not naughty” and “Dragons can sing” both targeted at educating children, parents and teachers on empathy, kindness and inclusiveness.

Basirat remains passionate about helping people and strongly believes that through inclusion, we can create a better society and achieve sustainable development.

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