1. What types of books does Regium, Cordite and Omode Meta publish?
    We will consider submissions in the following categories:
  • General and literary fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Children’s booksRegium, Cordite and Omode Meta will not consider:
  • Poetry
  • Religion
  • Educational/academic


  1. What are the types of work the Origami imprint will accept?
    The Origami Imprint will usually consider the following submissions:
  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Religion
  • Educational/academic
  • Scripts for plays, television or film



  1. What do I need to submit?
    If you are submitting a manuscript, please send us three sample chapters, a synopsis of the plot and a short author biography.


  1. What does ‘unsolicited manuscript’ mean?
    An unsolicited manuscript is sent to a publisher without the publisher requesting or announcing the window period for submissions is open.


  1. Who can I consult if I have general enquiries about publishing with Parrésia Publishers?
    You can send a mail to info@parresia.com.ng or call +2348154582178.


  1. Do I need a literary agent?
    You do not need to be represented by a literary agent to have your work considered by Parrésia Publishers Ltd.


  1. Do you publish authors who are not living in Nigeria?
    Yes, we would like to.


  1. What does Parrésia Publishers Ltd look for in a manuscript?
    Parrésia Publishers Ltd is ultimately seeking to publish books that will be accepted by Nigerians. Originality, high writing standard and market appeal are therefore essential.


  1. Is it necessary to have my book edited before I submit it for evaluation?
    This is your call. Although the more polished a manuscript is, the more likely, it will be selected. That said, if it is accepted, it will go through an in-house editorial process before it is published.


  1. Do I have to finish my book before I submit it to Parrésia Publishers?
    No, although you will need to have at least three chapters and a full outline completed. We only require the first three chapters and a synopsis of the entire book, so you can submit these to us when they are ready.


  1. Your guidelines stipulate that you need the first three chapters of the book, but some of my best chapters are later in the book. Can I send these instead?
    It is important that you send the early chapters so we can read the manuscript and follow its progression. However, you can send a later chapter if you would like us to look at that too. Please do not send the entire manuscript.


  1. I have written a children’s book, but I do not have an illustrator. Is it necessary to have the book illustrated before I submit my story to Parrésia Publishers?
    No. Parrésia Publishers will review the text on its merits. We would commission a suitable illustrator should this be appropriate.


  1. I’ve self-published my book already. Can I submit it to Parrésia Publishers?
    Previously self-published manuscripts will only be accepted for self-publishing under the Origami imprint.


  1. What sort of information should I include in my introductory letter?
    You should include any relevant information about the submitted material, such as a brief author biography, why you wrote the book, etc.).


  1. How long should my synopsis be?
    The synopsis needs to explain what the entire book is about. It can be as short as a few paragraphs, but preferably not longer than one typed page.


  1. How long should my manuscript be?
    The length of a manuscript depends on the book, but as a rough guideline, full-length adult fiction/non-fiction works should be between 35,000 and 100,000 words.


  1. How should I format my manuscript?
    We prefer manuscripts that:
  • Have 1.5 or double spacing
  • Use Times New Roman size 12
  • Have page numbers
  • Use paragraphingManuscripts sent via email should preferably be submitted as an attached Microsoft Word document or PDF.


  1. How do I ensure my copyright is protected when I’m sending my manuscript to Parrésia Publishers?
    According to copyright law, your work is already copyrighted without needing to use the © symbol. Copyright can only be assigned to another party if it is in writing.


  1. How will I know that my manuscript has been received by Parrésia Publishers?
    If you send your manuscript via email, you will receive a response, indicating that your email has been received.



  1. If I’m still waiting for an answer from Parrésia Publishers, can I send my manuscript to other publishers?
    You are not under any obligation to any publisher until you have been made an offer and signed a publishing contract, so you are welcome to submit to various publishers simultaneously.


  1. How long should I expect to wait for an answer to my proposal?
    The time it takes to evaluate manuscripts often depends on when your manuscript was received (as it goes into a queue), the time of year, and the number of manuscripts we are currently evaluating at any one time. Typically, it takes 4-6 months before we are able to provide any feedback.


  1. How will I know if my work has been rejected?
    Parrésia Publishers will let you know if your work has been rejected. If you have not heard from us, it means your work is still being evaluated.


  1. If my manuscript is accepted for publication, will I need to pay Parrésia Publishers print it?
    No. If it’s a Regium, Cordite or Ọmọde Mẹta Book. Yes. If it’s an Origami Book


  1. If my manuscript is accepted for publication, how will I be paid?
    Royalties are paid to authors as a percentage of the net revenue of the book based on the number of copies sold.


  1. What happens if my book is accepted for publication?
    If a decision is made to publish a manuscript, Parrésia Publishers will make you an offer based on what we believe to be the sales potential of the book in our market. If the offer is accepted, a publishing contract (containing details of royalty payments and the rights and obligations of both parties) will be drawn up. Parrésia Publishers will then put the manuscript into production


  1. Who can I consult when I want to make an inquiry about Parrésia published titles?
    You can send a mail to media@parresia.com.ng