Dear prospective author, please be informed that we are not accepting manuscripts for traditional publishing this year.

Our submission window will reopen in April 2020.

Alternatively, you may consider publishing with us under Origami, our imprint for self-funded publishing.

Thank you

Parrésia Publishers Ltd comprises the following imprints: Regium, Cordite, Ọmọde Mẹta and Origami.

Regium, Parrésia’s traditional publishing imprint, will consider submissions in the following categories:

  • General and literary fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Short stories
  • Historical fiction

Cordite will consider submissions in the following categories:

  • Crime fiction

Ọmọde Mẹta will consider submissions in the following categories:

  • Children’s books
  • Young Adult fiction


Regium, Cordite and Ọmọde Mẹta Submissions

Regium, Cordite and Ọmọde Mẹta, imprints of Parrésia Publishers Ltd., publish General and Literary Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Historical Fiction, Crime Fiction, Children’s Books and Young Adult Fiction.

Submissions should be sent to

Please note that Regium, Cordite and Ọmọde Mẹta will not consider the following submissions:

  • Poetry
  • Religious fiction
  • Educational/academic
  • Plays
  • Science fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Biographies
  • Autobiographies

If you feel your manuscript meets our guidelines, please send us the following:

  • 3 sample chapters. Please do not send the entire manuscript at this stage.
  • Synopsis of the plot. (If your work is Creative non-fiction the same should apply) Please make sure the synopsis is not more than 1 page long. We will not be able to review your manuscript without a synopsis.
  • Short author biography.


Your email should please be accompanied by a short introduction.

Dear Editor, 

My name is Kwashie, I hereby submit my 200,000-word 

​manuscript​ titled, The Crime.

Please find the first three chapters and the synopsis attached. 


Submission formats:

  • Manuscripts must be typed. We do not accept handwritten
  • Please make sure that manuscripts do not have the printing functionality disabled.
  • If watermarks are included, please ensure that the text behind the watermark is legible; and, most importantly, files MUST be sent in PDF or Microsoft Wordformats (we will not accept files saved in WordPad or sent via links to a website).
  • Please do not paste or type your submission in the body of an email.


Submission Dates

The submissions window opens on April 1 and closes on June 30. Any submission sent outside the window period will not be considered.


Owing to the volume of submissions we receive, the initial screening process may in some instances take up to six weeks. It can take up to six months to assess your manuscript.

Please ensure that your submission adheres to these guidelines.

Submissions that do not comply with the guidelines stipulated above will not be considered for publication.


Origami books is the self-publishing imprint of Parrésia Publishers. With this imprint, authors have greater control over the publishing process and sales of their books. For more information about our Origami imprint, please visit